Undervolting Gpu and Cpu- A complete guide

Undervolting Gpu and Cpu- A complete guide

If you own a Computer/Laptop ,then you definitely know about CPU and if you are a pro gamer then obviously you are familiar with GPU too.

We often had heard the term “Overclocking” that we generally perform to increase the operating speed of our Computer/Laptop .

Just like we always run behind increasing things ,sometimes we have to think about decreasing things too when it gets too much hot, too much loud, too much powerful ,or receiving too much power supply ,etc.. 

That is why in today’s article I am going to talk about “Undervolting Gpu and Cpu .

What is Undervolting ?

Undervolting falls under Dynamic voltage scaling which is a power management technique in computer architecture.  For decreasing voltage, we use Undervolting so that we can conserve powers in those devices that basically run with the energy coming from the battery particularly in laptops and other mobile devices. 

Reducing voltage with the help of undervolting decreases unnecessary  increase of temperature(increase in temperature often results in several breakdown in the system) and also maintains the voltage limit. That eventually helps in maintaining a good battery life of the device without affecting the performance.

Undervolting or Underclocking ? Which one should you choose?

Underclocking is a process of manipulating/modifying a computer or any other electronic circuit’s timing settings so that it can run at a lower clock rate than is specified whereas Undervolting is used to decrease voltage , but both are used for conserving power and improving battery life . 

But decreasing clock speed can harm the overall performance of a computer or laptop whereas decreasing voltage upto a certain level won’t cause any problem  .

So my suggestion will be to choose undervolting over underclocking  for better performance .

Undervolting is safe or not? Undervolting your CPU & GPU is a good idea or not? 

Well anything that is improving your battery life ,how could it be unsafe? Obviously it will be safe,if done in a correct way as no hardware issues will come infact it will eventually increase the lifespan of the GPU & CPU due to the lower temperature and voltage . 

 So I personally will definitely suggest you to undervolt both the CPU & GPU (mainly if you are into gaming and video editing )for getting an overall good performance and increasing the lifespan of CPU & GPU .

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CPU undervolting

The most common undervolted component in a system id CPU , Undervolting is the best option if the system components tend to thermal throttle a lot.

GPU undervolting

Undervolting GPU also works best  if it is suffering from severe thermal throttle issues just like in CPU. It won’t result in an FPS boost while gaming but you will notice longer sustained performance as your GPU will thermal throttle at a delayed time .

GPU Undervolting

Intel XTU vs ThrottleStop: For Undervolting your CPU & GPU

Intel XTU and ThrottleStop are two softwares use for undervolting your CPU and GPU .

Well both of them just work fine for undervolting your cpu and gpu .

It is the matter of choice which one to use as they are comfortable with.

But as my suggestion, if you are a beginner you must use Intel XTU due to its better user-friendly UX as compared to ThrottleStop .

Undervolting guide using Intel XTU

Undervolting guide using Intel XTU

Undervolting guide using ThrottleStop 

Undervolting guide using ThrottleStop

Advantages of Undervolting GPU & CPU

  1.  System will run cooler without any bigger fan or a dedicated cooling unit inside the laptops
  2. The Overall performance of the system increases 
  3. Battery life increases ,and the system will run longer
  4.  The components of the system’s shelf life get increased 

Disadvantages of Undervolting GPU & CPU

  1. Undervolting your system without proper knowledge can crash your system ,it should be done following all the steps correctly and the voltage should be reduced step by step .
  2.  Too much decreasing of the voltage can damage the chipset or the GPU.You can check out what happen if voltage is not enough for GPU 

Does Undervolting Void Warranty?

Undervolting , Overvolting or overclocking are the kind of non-factory settings , so they are not covered under manufacturer warranty. 

But Relax, Undervolting won’t ever damage your hardware and the process is reversible and you can change it anytime you want. 

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