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5 Best Options For PC Power Supply Gaming

pc power supply for gaming

PC Power Supply Gaming Recommendation

The power supply unit, better known as the PSU, is one of the most important components in computer especially for gaming as a power supply distributor directly to all hardware components installed on the PC.

In addition, the PSU also has a vital role to play in determining the amount of electricity that goes into the computer.

Because of it, choosing the best PC power supply gaming must be accurate in order to get the best performance for PC gaming.

The role of the PSU certainly must be considered, because the PSU does not only determine whether your computer can turn on or not, but the PSU can also be an indicator of how long the components of your computer are.

Here are some recommended PC power supply gaming you can choose to build your PC’s performance.

What are they? Here are 5 Best PC Power Supply Gaming

PC Power Supply SuperNOVA EVGA NEX1500

EVGA is a company that avoids common designs since most of their products are uniquely designed in order to bring large smiles to the faces of enthusiast users all over the world.

Some of the most interesting characteristics of the NEX1500 include the 1500 W capacity, which increases to 1650 W with 230VAC power input, Gold efficiency, the ability to switch between single or multiple +12V rails, a fully modular design that uses individually sleeved cables of extra high quality, a huge number of PCIe connectors (16!), a SANYO DENKI ball-bearings fan, and the SuperNOVA software through which you can monitor all vital aspects of the PSU.

SuperNOVA also gives you the option to change the fan profile and adjust the voltage of the +12V rail. As you can see, this PSU is indeed special and has many aces up its sleeve.

The new NEX1500 is made for you if you own a suitable mainboard (e.g. an EVGA Classified SR-X) and three to four ultra high-end VGAs.

This PSU is the strongest of its kind on the market today and comes with enough power to support not only four, but eight VGAs (for future mainboards). It surely has a high price-tag but is still priced lower than a high-end graphics card, and you will keep the PSU for much much longer

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