How to use MSI Afterburner: A COmplete guide

How to use MSI Afterburner

Ever thought of getting a detailed overview of your computer’s various hardware components at free of cost? Then MSI Afterburner is the best free software one can have .

It is a graphics utility developed by GPU manufacturer that is a freeware software ,and if you are a gamer then Afterburner will be a god gifted software to you that lets you take the control of your graphics card .

Starting from  Overclocking to basic monitoring  and troubleshooting features,it literally provides so many more outstanding features  that help users get the most out of their graphics card. 

In today’s article we will provide you a complete guide regarding How to use MSI Afterburner .

Well before jumping into “ how to use MSI Afterburner” first let us see what it does mainly .

What Does MSI Afterburner Do? What are the Features of MSI Afterburner?

We have already discussed above about how MSI Afterburner is a great graphics card utility offering several cool features .

Although MSI Afterburner is famous and most used software for overclocking the computer but beside that it also offers several more features that makes it many gamers’ tool of choice for years.

Let’s discuss about some of those features in brief  :-



If you are quite familiar with overclocking ,then you definitely have experienced some difficulties while doing it for the first time (and if you are going to do it for first time ,then you have made the best choice by choosing MSI Afterburner) , but now you can chill as MSI Afterburner make the process of Overclocking very simple .

It provides some precision settings that allows you to push your GPU to its maximum capabilities  by blocking away any kind of permanent hardware damage .

But how does it do that? Well it allows you to control some of the major settings like core voltage,power limit,core and memory clock speed,temperature limit, fan speed so that the equilibrium between performance and capability can be maintained.

Recently MSI Afterburner has integrated OC Scanner.( tool that uses an algorithm developed by NVIDIA for the RTX 20 series graphics card) . OC scanner can scan any model and examine the best performance and stable overclocking settings according to that model.

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2.) Monitoring


So as we know that overclocking can allow us to tweak some of the parameters like GPU temperature,FPS, voltage,memory and core clock speed,and so on ,beside that it also allows us to monitor all the changes through a series of graphs as well as an On-Screen Display(it also uses a add-on utility called RivaTuner Statistics Server  ) .

You can monitor the overclocking tweak effects with the help of these series of graphs and on-screen display in the game.

3.) Benchmarking


A built-in benchmarking tool called MSI Kombustor comes with MSI Afterburner ,this tool is a burn-in GPU stress utility that compares (benchmarks) both stability and thermal performance.

It helps you to display detailed information about any tweaks made due to overclocking and also how it affects the overall performance & is compatible with OpenGL and DirectX.

4.) Custom Fan Profiles

Custom Fan Profiles

Heat distribution is a major point to be kept in mind when it comes to graphics cards .

Afterburner lets you customize a predefined fan speed curve  so that you can determine cooling performance throughout so that you can safely overclock the GPU without worrying about the damages.

While switching games,this utility will can also check the already saved pre settings to automatically configure to your desired settings .

Download MSI Afterburner

  1. Visit  MSI Afterburner website 
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Download” option
Download MSI Afterburner
  1. After Download is complete ,just  unzip the file named as
  1. Install the exe file from the unzipped folder and follow the  installation steps given on screen .If the installer prompts to download Kombustor, install that too , we are going to need it for the benchmarking process further.

Initial Setups For MSI Afterburner

The Story doesn’t end just by downloading and installing MSI Afterburner , we have to do some initial configurations ,for making the MSI Afterburner work according to our prefference .

Follow the given steps to configure your MSI Afterburner:

  1. Run the MSI Afterburner
  2. navigate to cogwheel “Settings” button and click on it
  3. Find the “User Interface” tab and click “Default MSI Burner skin” to change the skin and use the utility easily.
  4. Search for “General tab” and click “Unlock voltage control” and “Unlock voltage monitoring.”
  5.  For configuring the Afterburner according to your preferences go to the “settings” option 
  6. You can also avoid doing this and keep the default settings

How To Use MSI Kombustor

How To Use MSI Kombustor

So you decided to overclock your GPU?  then you must know or learn how you can use and read MSI Kombustor before overclocking the card to know about the performance you are getting at base levels .

So let me give you a small guide to know about it !

  1.  Run MSI Afterburner
  2. Three buttons located On top,one button is with  the letter “K located above the ‘core voltage’  meter.”The “K” stands for Kombustor (it will be  highlighted and clickable if kombustor is already  downloaded)

   3. click the “K” button 

   4. MSI Kombustor will load up  and start stress   testing your card

   5.  Now Kombustor will let you monitor your GPU temp,GPU load,FPS,and many more that will let you know about the performance you are getting at base levels .

And now you can start your overclocking process after researching well about everything properly.

Why are we Overclocking a  GPU ?

Overclocking A  GPU

It would be incomplete if I don’t talk about why we are overclocking a GPU! Well, the reason is almost the same for all, we do this to increase the GPU’s  overall performance by giving a boost to the speed of the graphical processor at which it works, especially used for smoother-running games.

Guide regarding How To Use MSI Afterburner For Overclocking


I have seen people going crazy for overclocking as they think it will speed up their computer but little did they know how much risk overclocking has. Tweaking your GPU can cause permanent damage, so don’t do it before having good knowledge about it.

MSI Afterburner makes overclocking easy but still doesn’t push the GPU too far without getting expert advice.

Follow the following steps using Overclocking in MSI Afterburner (don’t forget to hit “Apply” after any changes) :-

  1.  First, set the ‘power limit’ and the ‘temperature limit’ to the maximum limit value, after this setting GPUis capable to reach much higher powers and temperatures to make the GPU much more efficient.
  2. After that, increase the core clock speed slider by 20-30 units( each unit equates to 1 MHz.)
  3. monitor the effect of the changes without changing anything further 
  4. Now if you notice any graphical issues or GPU is starting to crash, start decreasing the clock speed as every GPU has its own limit, and if you don’t notice any issue, you can increase it more.
  5. Run a stress test for some minutes. Monitor your graphics, and if it is stable save the settings and enjoy the overclocking experience. 

Enable The On-Screen Display in MSI Afterburner

On-Screen Display in MSI Afterburner helps you to find out how good or bad your GPU actually is. 

You can set the software to show you clock speed, memory clock, display temp, workload, etc that are associated with GPU

The following guide will help you to enable The On-Screen Display in MSI Afterburner:-

  1. Visit the settings tab and find the monitoring tab and select the information you would like to display on-screen by opting the desired fields and checking the “show in on-screen display” box.
  2.  Start any game and you will see the OSD (On-screen display) will provide real-time details about your GPU’s performance according to your settings.

Setting up a Fan Profile

custom fan profiles

To see how efficient your GPU will run, you must have to set up a fan profile during overclocking.

To set up a fan profile follow up the following instruction:-

  1.   Select settings in MSI Afterburner
  2.  Click on the “fan” tab at the top
  3. Tick out the “Enable user-defined software automatic fan control” tab for starting customizing the fan profile.
  4.  A curve chart will be seen that has both “fan speed %” and “temperature” as values. You can alter the curve by clicking anywhere on the graph to meet your specific requirements.
  5. Apply the settings, once you are done and close the windows.
  6. You are done setting up your new Fan profile

My review regarding Overclocking with MSI Afterburner

review regarding Overclocking with MSI Afterburner

By far I have already mentioned that overclocking is a quite risky task.

You might end up messing things if you are doing it for the first time, so first research properly then apply whatever you have understood. Besides that, if you are confused regarding which software to use for overclocking the MSI Afterburner is the best choice as it makes overclocking quite simple,

So I can suggest you to use MSI Afterburner to overclock your GPU

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