How Long do Power Supplies Last

Many computer systems follow Moore’s Law so that if the system gets old then it doesn’t matter if it works or not. A very old computer system might be very slow today and contain a very less storage or memory. With time the memory standards change and the old modules wont work with the new systems. The motherboards must be replaced with the new systems. Although there are some CD drives and DVDs, but they are not used often by people.

How Long do Power Supplies Last

Why keeping a check on life of a power supply is important?

One exception is the use of power supply, which is used in each era with some changes. The old cases lack in the modern era as the USB ports and pins might be different. The power supplies are very important as no one would risk for installed power supply which would in return harm the PC or the system. You must also know that the power of an installed power supply also degrades with time as the capacitors get old with time. But as it’s a physical component so it doesn’t degrade with time.

Testing power supplies and their outcomes:

Well, while testing different power supplies its difficult to guess whether a two years old power supply is good or a ten years old power supply. An experiment was carried out and hard OCP tested some old power supplies. Meanwhile they also tested another 1000W supply after its usage of approximately 8-9 years. The results showed that this power supply could not deliver 1000W now and the 12V, 5V ripples were worn out with the input used.

Testing Power Supplies And Their Outcomes
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In another experiment the power supply of cooler master real power pro 1000 W was tested and the results showed that after getting old it was unable to pull out 1000W. The power supply was really good when it was bought but due to aging of capacitor it gets worse with time. So according to Hard OCP there is no definitive time or answer for the reliability of the power supply functions but if you choose a Seasonic -series then remember that it’s a good choice and can last for long times.

Power supplies these days:

Now adays all the power supplies in market offer DC-DC conversion. But this case was same years ago. You might think that before the seasonic X-series there was a competition to build better power supply but in actual, the race is to build power supplies which are cheap. One can argue that seasonic focus series is better than x-series as it is cheaper.

using old power supplies:

It’s also seen that people use PSU which are old as they are handy but it makes more sense to save and buy a rig which has contest upgrade cycles and some end parts which are lower. These can be used for using the system for performing some minor tasks. Also the old power supply units still work but the cost associated with the downtime exceeds then the cost taken to replace them

How long do power supplies last

Power supply are durable hardware’s and come with warranty of 3-4 years or some with 10-11 years warranty. So its evident that you don’t need to change a PSU for some 4-5 years.

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