Do motherboards come with screws

You might be wondering whether motherboards come with screws or not? then you are at the correct place.

In this article, I will be discussing whether motherboards come with screws or not and why and what type of screws are needed along with the conclusion and FAQs.

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motherboards screws

Do Motherboards Come With Screws? The answer depends on the manufacturer of the motherboard, some manufacturer provides Screws with the motherboard and some don’t, basically Screws come with PC cases and not with motherboards. You should first check what comes in the box before buying a PC case or a motherboard to make sure whether the components that come with them include screws or not.

If you already have a PC case or If you already have a motherboard then don’t forget to check their documentation manual before buying a PC case (if you already have a motherboard) or motherboard(if you already have a PC case )so that no mismatching in the alignment occurs even if they are from different manufacturers.

I will suggest you to consult a technician or any of your friends who is having good knowledge of computer assembly or hardware if you are a novice in this subject.

Types of Screws for Motherboards

types of screws for motherboards

Here I will discuss some of the Screws that are needed in Motherboards.

Mounting screws for motherboards


As far as we have concluded we found that motherboards don’t come with mounting screws generally because most of the PC cases you will buy already has different screw needed for motherboards.

Cases and motherboard are made from he different manufacturer that is why screw holes differ in PC cases and if the motherboard’s come with this mounted screws then they wouldn’t be compatible for all cases.

Risers Screws

risers screws

Risers are used to screw the riser into the backplate of your case to lift the motherboard of your PC to a perfect height above these risers that are built into the PC case.

Low-end PC cases have basic fold risers for managing wires and providing airflow under the motherboard and High-end PC cases have Brass Screw risers(made with non-conductive brass metal) that come with motherboard mounting options.

You can buy mounting screws from here.

M.2 Screws

M.2 screws

Just like mounting screws are important, there are also some other screws related to the Motherboard that is equally important and M.2 screws are among them.

M.2 screws are very small screws used for holding the M.2 PCI Express SSD cards in position so that the card doesn’t get damaged from excessive vibrations while moving the PC.

Generally, motherboards come with M.2 screws screwed into the holes of the motherboard. Make sure you don’t lose the screws due to their small size and if you lose them you can buy them from here.

Cooling Solution Screws

cooling solution screws

CPU cooling solution screws are also one of those screws we can’t miss talking about as all Motherboard comes with the ability to mount a cooling solution to keep it cool. 

But the motherboard doesn’t come with cooling solution screws, you can get these screws with the cooling solution.


 So after explaining about different screws related to motherboard we found that:-

  1. Mounting screws comes generally with  PC cases and not with a motherboard as PC case and PC motherboard can have different manufacturers
  2. Risers are already found built into your Case or you may also need to screw them manually 
  3. M.2 Screws comes generally with the motherboard

Cooling solution screws come with the cooling solution and not with the motherboard as every cooling solution is different.


I have clubbed some frequently asked questions regarding motherboard screws together so that you can get the answers in one place.

1.How many screws does a motherboard need?

Ans:- You will get all the necessary screw with your PC case, For example, if you have an ATX case, you will get 9 motherboard screws. 

2. How tight should motherboard screws be?

Ans :-  Tight enough to hold the motherboard properly.

3. What screw size M.2 have?

Ans :- The correct screw size is 2.0 x 3mm (CM2x3-3.3).

4. I’ve totally gone and lost my screws! Where did you say I can buy them from again?

Ans :-  You can easily get them at amazon below $10.

5. Are all motherboard screws the same?

Ans :- Yes but also depends on the size of the motherboard and the computer case you use. 

6. Does a motherboard need standoffs?

Ans :-  Standoff helps to provide a space between the motherboard and the case that prevents short circuit.

7. What size are ATX motherboard screws?

Ans :- According to the ATX 2.1 standard the motherboard standoff has to be a minimum of 6.5mm and the external cross section has to fit within a 10mm x 10mm area around the standoff hole. The mounting screws must match the standoff screw wells (usually 6/32 or M3 thread size) (source :-

8. Is 5 motherboard screws enough?

Ans :- Yes it is enough, minimum 5 screw is needed.

9. How do you mount a motherboard in a case?

Ans:- Check out this video, for a proper explanation.

10.How do you install screws on a PC?

Ans :- Check out this video , for a proper explanation.

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