Desk PC Cases: How you can build or buy them

If you are reading this article then I am sure you have already made up your mind to use a desk PC case , but the confusion arises when you can’t decide whether you shall Buy desk PC cases or build them! But now you can completely chill as in this article I am going to discuss everything about disk PC cases & how you can build or buy them . (Also you can check out Best 1080p 144hz monitor for Gaming in 2021.)

So Follow up the whole article for better clarity . Hope you will enjoy it 😉 .

What’s a Computer case?

A computer case or also known as cabinet which is a type of courtyard that holds all the important components of your personal computer including motherboard,power supply, CPU/processor, memory, disk drives, and assorted adapter cards ,RAM (random access memory),Hard drive,Network card,etc except the monitor , keyboard and the mouse. In general we all have seen the pc case at our homes that looks somewhat like this :-

desk pc
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Although you can have more advanced PC cases that would look more aesthetic according to your choice by spending some bucks . Some of the advanced PC cases looks like this :-

advance pc case
advanced desk cases
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What's a desk PC case?

So we have already discussed about What is computer cases , now we will be explaining you about what is a desk PC case , so as the name suggest I guess you have got already some idea about it , well when you use your desk as a computer case for putting all of your computer components (that I already mentioned earlier) into your desk it is then called a Desk PC Case .

The Desk PC cases look somewhat like this :-

amazing desk pc cases

How can you build or buy a Desk PC Case?

For using a Desk PC case you can either buy it or build it manually , I am going to discuss both of them further .

How to build your own desk PC case ?

You can surely buy Prebuilt Desk PC Cases from anywhere but building it in your own way has its own adventure and obviously building something by your own gives you more power to make something totally according to your choice that you will not find if you buy it.

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How to build your own desk PC case ?

Here I am going to discuss hpw we can build a pc desk from scratch. So Lets see the step by step guide on how to build your own pc desk.

1. Make a rough design for your desk PC case

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  • You can make a rough design like the above pictures for you desk PC case , according to your choice or also you can make 3D modelling using softwares.
  • You can follow build log  of someone else that they have provide online with complete details like in youtube. Some of them are found in Linus tech tips , Designs by IFR youtube channels.    
  • You can also buy professional plans from someone about building desk PC cases.

2. Gather Materials needed for building a PC desk

There are several things that are needed and used to build a PC desk ,although what you will use and need depends totally on your requirement and choice but still I am going to list some of the materials that will help you to some extent :-

  1. MDF: MDF has superior density and strength so there will be no-sag surface for desks
  2. screws, nuts,jigshaw and bolts: These are some of the basic tools you should need to build the desk at your home
  3. glass top: This is the obvious thing you need so that you can see all the components you added in desk transparantly to make  the look more aesthetic .
  4. Fans: Fans are obviously most needed thing to keep the computer less warm.
  5. water cooling : Water cooling can be in your build as well.
  6. Custom buttons: If you have custom buttons you will not need to lift up the glass and touch the right pins together on the motherboard.
  7. Tiny screens: You can add tiny screens somewhere on the build for using it as information dashboard containing temperatures and status of the computer.

3. Take correct measurements, cut down materials , & assemble

So now you have the design and the materials you need to build the desk . Lets just see how we can proceed further .

  1. Take proper measurements , so that you can cut down parts appropriately and also assemble the desk. according to your model.
  2. Cut down the holes with jigsaw for running out the cables and subwoofer compartment.
  3. Now assemble the cabinet and most of the desk.
  4. Assemble Midsection of the Desk PC case.
  5. Build drawers.
  6. Build Keyboard Tray.
  7. Put all the important components (hardwares) that I mentioned in the  beginning of the article along with all the other components inside the PC desk Case.
  8. Route and manage all the cables properly & add some LED lighting along with it.
  9. Put the glass covering over the desk after you are done with inserting all the components & switch on the power.
  10. Your computer case desk is now ready.

Should you Buy a Desk PC cases

Not everyone will like to do such a time consuming work of building a desk PC case at home, so for them there are already prebuild Desk PC cases that they can buy , although there is always some assembly required. So in our today’s article we will discuss about some of the prebuild Desk PC cases.



This high-end desk  PC case is made with iron legs, an aluminum chassis, and a full-glass tabletop.

2. LIAN LI DK-04


This one is quite more affordable with capability to support a single system, you will get more space for hard drives.

3. Hydra Desk

There is a clever installation points for four radiators in its right leg .

Specification :-

  • Dimensions: 59x 27.55 x 29.7 in
  • Material: 1.5 mm aluminium
  • 8 mm tempered glass top
  • E-ATX motherboard support (x 2 with optionals )
  • 6 x 5.25″ drive bays
  • 5 x 360 mm rads + 1 x 480 mm rad


4. GTEPC Extreme

This case is made of aluminum, that ensures a long life for the product.

FAQ Desk PC Cases

1.Is it cheaper to build your own desk?

  • Cheap . It is always  cheaper to make something by your own, Than buying something with thousand dollars.

2.)How much should a good desk cost?

  • $285 – $1.200 range

3.) Will my desk PC get dirty?

  • Obviously it will.But you can use air filters on the desk and clean it regularly.

4.) Building Desk pc case worth it?

  • Yes it is , it wil be a life time experience too.


Should you Build or Buy?

Whether you will build or buy it totally depends on your choice but we will suggest you  that if you have time and love to do new experience and save your money then you should build it .

If you have a good budget then you can buy it ,although then also you have to assemble it.

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