Convert ATX PSU to Bench Supply

convert ATX psu to bench supply

The hardware of the PC gets the power from the Computer power supply units (PSU) through a number of cables with connectors by turning the incoming 110V or 220VAC (alternating current) into several DC (direct current) output voltages.  ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended) is actually a  motherboard and power supply configuration specification that was developed by … Read more

What Happens if Power Supply is not Enough for Graphics Card

It is very difficult to diagnose any issues related to power supplies in computer. When a power supply does not provide enough power to the hardware components of a computer then there occur issues like shutting down of PC in a random manner or shows anomalous behavior. Tracking of the issues need some expensive tools … Read more

How Long do Power Supplies Last

Many computer systems follow Moore’s Law so that if the system gets old then it doesn’t matter if it works or not. A very old computer system might be very slow today and contain a very less storage or memory. With time the memory standards change and the old modules wont work with the new … Read more

How to Install PC Power Supply (smart ways)

how to install pc power supply

In this article we discuss how to install a desktop power supply. In learning how to install computer components, this is one of the easier tasks–yet also one of the most dangerous. The power supply delivers juice to your desktop, so follow the safety precautions below before you start. Also, if you’re building a computer … Read more

Learn Basic Knowledge to Repair Power Supply PC

power supply pc repair tips

Repair Power Supply PC 101 Do you want to learn about repair power supply pc? Passionate computer geeks and even regular users rarely think about their systems’ power supplies, because, for most of the time, if things go smoothly and the computers boot and power up, nobody really cares about those boxes in the units. … Read more