GPU Sag: Should you worry about it and how to fix it


Graphics processing units (GPUs) have become very famous or important in recent times within gamers that no matter you are a casual gamer or professional, you are already owning a GPU. But what if you face gpu sagging? well, it can be quite frustrating which can affect even brand new cards. Related:- Best Graphics Cards … Read more

Undervolting Gpu and Cpu- A complete guide

ubdervolting gpu and cpu

If you own a Computer/Laptop ,then you definitely know about CPU and if you are a pro gamer then obviously you are familiar with GPU too. We often had heard the term “Overclocking” that we generally perform to increase the operating speed of our Computer/Laptop . Just like we always run behind increasing things ,sometimes … Read more

How to use MSI Afterburner: A COmplete guide


Ever thought of getting a detailed overview of your computer’s various hardware components at free of cost? Then MSI Afterburner is the best free software one can have . It is a graphics utility developed by GPU manufacturer that is a freeware software ,and if you are a gamer then Afterburner will be a god … Read more