12 Jul

5 Best Options For PC Power Supply Gaming

pc power supply for gaming

PC Power Supply Gaming Recommendation

The power supply unit, better known as the PSU, is one of the most important components in computer especially for gaming as a power supply distributor directly to all hardware components installed on the PC. In addition, the PSU also has a vital role to play in determining the amount of electricity that goes into the computer. Because of it, choosing the best PC power supply gaming must be accurate in order to get the best performance for PC gaming.

The role of the PSU certainly must be considered, because the PSU does not only determine whether your computer can turn on or not, but the PSU can also be an indicator of how long the components of your computer are. Here are some recommended PC power supply gaming you can choose to build your PC’s performance.

What are they? Here are 5 Best PC Power Supply Gaming


First recommended PC power supply gaming for you is the EVGA SuperNOVA G3 PSU. Series of SuperNOVA which is claimed to have better performance than its predecessor, The G2. The PSU has 80 Plus Gold certification for its high efficiency, coupled with other features, such as fully modular cables, high-quality Japanese brand capacitors.

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One of the benefits from this SuperNOVA G3 is this PC Power Supply Gaming is also supported by the ECO Intelligent Thermal Control System that can make this PSU working silently. This included technology reduces fan work so it doesn’t make the PSU sound noisy when used. For the models offered, the EVGA SuperNOVA G3 Series has five different models, starting from 550W to 1000W.

2 Corsair AX Series

Next recommendation for PC Power Supply Gaming is Corsair AX Series. As the most superior brand in its class, the Corsair AX Series has 80 Plus Platinum certification which makes this PSU able to provide high efficiency reaching 92%. So, you can feel the smooth of the high performance of a computer without any interference, such as heat and noise.

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In addition, this one of many recommended PC Power Supply Gaming also features a fully-modular cables that can make it easier for you to tidy up the use of cables in the computer. The Corsair AX Series offers several PSU products, including the PSU AX860i, AX760i and the most famous is the AX1200i. Corsair AX Series is also equipped with Corsair Link which can help you monitor fan speed and use of electric power by the computer. Pretty cool right?

3 Seasonic Focus

Nex recommendation fall into PC Power Supply Gaming is Seasonic Focus. This product is known for the most sophisticated and quality PSU issued by the Seasonic brand. Seasonic Focus PSU is available in two certifications, 80 Plus Platinum and Gold. So, this PSU has an efficiency of 90%. Besides having fully modular cables, the PSU also features a new feature, the Hybrid Silent Fan Control.

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This feature serves to regulate the use of the fan through the control button on the PSU, so that the computer can achieve its optimum performance in quiet or cold conditions.
These Seasonic Focus offers several different models, ranging from 550W to 1000W you can choose.

4 Seasonic S12II

Next recommendations, for those of you who need a PSU with a smaller wattage, for example 330W to 620W. This Seasonic S12II can be the right alternative choice for your PC Power Supply Gaming. PSU has 80 Plus Bronze certification, so this PSU has an energy use efficiency of 85%. Plus, this PSU is supported by the Active Power Factor Correction feature which can reduce wasted electrical energy. So you can save on the cost of using electricity in your home.

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In addition, this PC Power Supply Gaming also has several attractive features such as Double Forward Converter, Smart and Silent Fan Control (S2FC) and the use of the best Japanese brand capacitors.


The last recommendation for PC Power Supply Gaming is taken by EVGA BQ Series PSU. Different from Supernova, EVGA BQ is a PSU that is considered to have reasonably affordable prices in its class. This PSU offers several models, ranging from 450W to 850W.

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Although this WVGA BQ is considered cheaper than the other four recommendation for PC Power Supply Gaming, it actually offers several advanced features in it, including semi modular cables and 80 Plus Bronze certification with 85% efficiency which keeps the performance of the PSU tight without making noise.

In addition for benefits, this PC Power Supply Gaming is supported by heavy-duty protections, such as OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), and SCP (Short Circuit Protection).

So that’s five recommendations for your PC Power Supply Gaming. If you have different options, you can write on the comment section.