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Choosing The Right Types of Computer Power Supply

pc power supply types

Types of Computer Power Supply

The important use of Power Supply is often forgotten by PC users, sometimes users only use the default power supply casing, even though the average default power supply casing does not have pure power, good components and etc which are not good for PCs. That’s why choosing the right types of computer power supply is important.

Power supply is a hardware task to channel electricity directly to computer hardware that requires electrical voltage such as a motherboard, hard drive, dvd room, etc. Why this component needs to be underlined in the use of PC is because there are many types of computer power supply.

The function of the power supply is to convert alternating electric current (AC) from electricity company into direct current (DC) and then it is channeled to components that need electricity supply. Another function possessed by the power supply is as a stabilizer or stabilizer of electric current.

As we mentioned earlier, the work of Power Supply is to convert large electricity to small electricity which is later received by VRM in the component. If the electricity that is changed is bad, then the electricity flowed will become unstable.

Choosing the bad types of computer power supply can cause an “overvoltage” symptom, “over current”, contains a lot of noise until the most dangerous sparks come out such as burning, smoke coming out etc. which can endangers us.

power supply pc 350 watts

The damage does not only occur on us but bad types of computer power supply is also ultimately will have an impact on the components such as following because the VRM of each PC component has different strengths and not all have extra protection.

For example is for the Hard drive. The VRM on this hard drive is mini-sized, generally not resistant to bad power supply, resulting in a damaged hard drive motor performance, bad sectors etc. the worst is the hard disk is broken.

There are many users who have been affected by the problem of bad types of computer power supply. As the result Hard drive suddenly dies and important data is lost. This kind of accident is absolutely must be avoided by them who save important files.

The other component affected by the bad types of computer power supply is the graphic card. Many people have tried using a “cheap” Power Supply with a power rating of only 450W for high-end graphics cards. Even though the high-end graphics card has become more economical, the user doesn’t care about power supply.

To maintain the performance of your computer for long period, we have to understand types of computer power supply. There are 4 types of functions, related to the stability of the electric current on the computer, namely Over Voltage Protection / OVP that has the function of protecting the PSU from excessive voltage.

ocp pc power supply

This Over Current Protection / OCP in many types of computer power supply has the function of preventing damage due to the entry of high electric current with other component with specific functions such as Over Temperature Protection / OTP and Short Circuit Protection / SSP. The PSU also has an important role to play in controlling the size of the voltage entering the computer.

Unfortunately, there are still a few users who know how vital this PSU is. As a result, the average age of personal computers (PCs / PCs) are relatively short or short simply because they chose the wrong PSU or do not know the right types of computer power supply.

Judging from the understanding and convenience, it is not wrong if this device is called the heart of the computer. So do not choose the wrong types of computer power supply especially if you are PC builders.

What is Types of Computer Power Supply?

A. AT Computer Power Supply

AT stands for Advanced Technology. This types of computer power supply is classified as an old school type and is hardly or rarely used today. Having a 12 pin connector is called an AT power connector. PSU AT is used on Pentium I, Pentium MMX, Pentium II and Pentium III computers.

Characteristics of PSU AT:
The power cable for the motherboard consists of 8 – 12 pins.
The ON / OFF button is manual.The average power is below 250 watts.
When shutdown, the PC does not automatically turn off but still has to press the button to turn on the case.

B. ATX Computer Power Supply

ATX stands for Advanced Technology eXtended. This types of computer power supply Is equipped with a 20 pin connector, called an ATX power connector. The ATX PSU is used on computers with Pentium III, Pentium IV and AMD CPUs.

Characteristics of ATX PSU:
The power cable for the motherboard consists of 20 pins.
When shutdown the PC will automatically shut down.
Has greater power.

C. BTX Computer Power Supply

BTX stands for eXtended Balanced Technology. This types of computer power supply has 24 pin connectors, called BTX power connectors. It is also equipped with SATA 15 pin power connector. ATX is used on computers Dual core, core 2 duo, Quad core, i3, i5, i7 CPU and the latest AMD models.

Right now, BTX is the most widely used types of computer power supply today. What distinguishes it from the AT PSU is how to install the cable power to the motherboard that is easier and more practical. No need to worry about being reversed, because the type of connector on the cable has been adjusted to the type of slot that is on the motherboard.

Characteristics of BTX PSU:
The power cable for the motherboard consists of 24 pins.
When shutdown the PC will automatically shut down.
There are additional power SATA.
Greater power.
Better efficiency.

Those are some types of computer power supply that you need to know. So don’t buy wrong PSU, adjust your type and PC.

Understanding better about PC power supply for gaming


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Understanding Power Supply Definition and Function

power supply pc definition

What is a power supply Definition exactly?

Understanding Power Supply definition as one of the hardware in a computer device that has a role in providing the supply of power. Usually this power supply component can be found on a computer case and is square.

what is power supply pc definition

In the power supply definition, basically, it requires an electricity source which is then converted into energy that drives electronic devices. The system works quite simply by changing the power of 120V into the form of flow with power according to the needs of these components.

The power supply definition accordance with the understanding of the power supply on a computer, the main function is to convert AC current into DC current which is then converted into power or energy needed by components on a computer such as a motherboard, Room CD, Hard drive, and other components.

Power Supply Function on the Computer

In Indonesian, Power Supply definition means Catu Daya. The function of the power supply is to provide electrical current power to various components or hardware contained in the computer case.

PC power supply function

The source of electrical energy originating from outside is still in the form of alternating current (AC). When electrical energy enters the power supply, the electricity will be converted into direct current (DC). DC power is then channeled to all components inside the computer case to work.

One the side of the power supply there is a fan that is useful for removing hot air from inside the computer case. In addition, in the power supply there is also a male port type IEC 60320 C14 which functions as a connector between the electrical energy source and the power supply.

Components of Power Supply

Referring to the notion of power supply definition and function, this hardware functions to convert AC current into DC current and distribute it to various computer components inside the chassis. To form a voltage, several components are needed, while the power supply components are as follows:

1. Transformer
This is a component inside the Power Supply that is used to move electricity between two electrical circuits or more through electromagnetic induction.

2. Diodes
This is a combination of two electrode words, namely the anode and cathode. The nature of the diode is to deliver current to the forward voltage and inhibit the current at the reverse voltage flow.

3. Capacitors
Capacitor serves as a complement to the delivery of AC voltage to DC voltage.

4. Resistor
Resistor is a device that helps the Power Supply to reduce voltage, divide the voltage, and limit the incoming electric current, so it will be able to control the hardware on the motherboard.

5. Regulatory ICs
IC Regulator serves to regulate the voltage in the electronic circuit always remains stable.

6. LED
Power Supply LEDs are semiconductor diode-like components that have special features

Power supply definition can be classified into two types, namely:

a. Internal Power Supply
This type of power supply is made integrated with the motherboard or main circuit board. Example; skill, television, DVD Player; the power supply is integrated with the motherboard in the case of the device.

internal pc power supply

b. External Power Supply
This type of power supply is made separately from the motherboard of an electronic device. For example a Laptop charger and an HP charger.

Types of Power Supply

Based on its function, there are two types of power supply definition that are commonly used on computers and both have significant differences.

The types of power supply are as follows:

a. AT Power Supply
You could say this is the type of power supply that was first used on types of computers in the past such as the types of Pentium II and Pentium III in the year ’97. So that for now the use of AT Power Supply has not been found in the latest types of computer equipment.

at power supply definition

This type of power supply definition has some characteristics:
Has 8-12 output terminals connected to the computer motherboard
Generally it has power below 250 watts
Because the power button On and Off is connected to the computer case, then it must be done manually when shutting down the computer.

b. ATX Power Supply

ATX Power Supply is an update of AT Power Supply types. This power supply definition has a more complex design with a more efficient source of electrical energy supply.

atx power supply pc

ATX Power Supply now is found on the latest generation of computers where the operation can be controlled with software that is installed on the computer. So that it can be set in several modes such as sleep mode, standby mode and mode when the computer is turned off.

Characteristics of ATX Power Supply:

Has 20 to 24 output terminals connected to the motherboard
Use more power
When the PC is shut down, the power supply will completely shut down automatically

How Power Supply Works

According to Power Supply definition and function, when the user turns on the power on the computer, the power supply will carry out checks and tests before running the computer system. If the test goes well, the power supply will send a signal (power good) to the mainboard as a sign that the computer system is ready to operate.

Furthermore, according to the power supply definition and its function, power supply will divide the power according to the capacity required by each computer component. In addition to delivering electrical power to computer components, the power supply also maintains the stability of electric current in various components.

From the explanation of power supply pc definition and its functions above, this component is as important as the CPU on a computer that is often considered a computer brain. If there is interference with the power supply, it will cause interference with the flow of power on computer components.

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